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DIY Firewood Rack

Whether you’re preparing for summer nights in front of a campfire or a cozy night in, in front of the fireplace, using a firewood rack to keep firewood dry is essential in building the prefect fire. Learn how to build this functional, affordable, and simple firewood rack to store and easily access firewood year-round.

Storing your firewood off the ground and out of the rain and other weather elements is important. Wet firewood is difficult to ignite and burn. A firewood rack will keep your logs dry so you can easily start a fire in your fireplace, campfire or firepit - and is easy to build yourself! Get step by step instructions to build this simple, cost effective firewood rack that only takes a couple hours to make. We'll also help you choose and cut wood for the perfect fire.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to:

•Frame a platform

•Add sturdy upright supports

•Install a metal panel roof

•Choose and cut firewood
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