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Basic Auto Body Repair

Repair automotive paint chips and dents with two easy projects! Learn how to repair dents in your car or how to repair paint chips before they lead to more damage.

Vehicles take a beating, especially their finishes. But you don’t have to live with the inevitable car paint chips, dings and dents. These two projects show the steps required to repair those blemishes and protect the finish from additional damage. Repairing car paint chips and car dents yourself saves a few hundred dollars plus you’ll prevent small problems from becoming big headaches.

You’ll learn:

How to repair chipped car paint, including:
Identifying tools and materials you’ll need for car paint-chip repairs
Identifying which automotive paint chips can be repaired with polishing compound and touch-up paint and which ones need a more complex repair
Preparing the paint chip for repair
Correctly applying primer and paint for paint-chip repairs
Finishing a successful paint-chip repair

How to repair car dents, including:
Identifying tools and materials you’ll need to repair a car dent
Preparing the dented area for repair
Mixing and apply body filler
Sanding and prepping the body filler for priming and paint
Correctly applying car primer and paint
Finishing the car dent repair

And much more!
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