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Add Interior Electrical Outlets

Take the mystery out of installing electrical outlets. Do you have a tangle of extension cords running across the floor? A circuit breaker that trips every time you use two appliances at the same time? If so, you need more outlets.

Learn the must-know details of installing electrical outlets safely and confidently. Our expert instruction will walk you through how to find a circuit to add to, when to consider a new circuit, and whether to go with 15 or 20 amps. You’ll also learn about special tools, how to add kitchen outlets in an afternoon (or less), and the latest code requirements for outlets.

Join Add Interior Electrical Outlets and by the end of the class you'll know how to add breakers and run new circuits for appliances and other heavy power users. You will also get details you don’t usually hear about–like what to watch out for, what can go wrong, and troubleshooting tips.

You’ll learn:

Pro techniques for faster, better electrical connections
Critical electrical code knowledge for safe, reliable results and a happy building inspector!
What type of electrical boxes and outlets to use
Instruction on adding a new outlet to an existing circuit
How to select and wire new outlets including, adding outlets with surface wiring, floor outlets, and surge protector outlets
Safely working with and adding a new circuit including, how to plan a new branch circuit and what to do if the breaker box is full
What inexpensive tools solve frustrating problems

And much more!

If you’re not confident doing electrical projects, we suggest you take our intro class, Basic Skills for Electrical Projects before starting this one.
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