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Add Recessed Lighting

Use recessed lighting to transform any room! Learn how to install recessed LED lights and even complete the electrical connections to add additional light and a modern look to your home.

Recessed lighting can add additional light to a dark room or give the family room or kitchen an updated look. The class will teach you how to use multiple low-profile LED lights to add lots of light to a dark room, but you can use these skills to add recessed lighting to any room or space. These lights, also called can lights, can be installed with minimal ceiling tear-out and patching, and you’ll even learn how to do the simple electrical work yourself.

By the time you finish this class, you'll know:

How to lay out your recessed light locations for the best lighting and easiest install.
Expert trick for cutting perfect holes out of drywall or increasing the size of existing holes.
Tips on running the new cable through walls.
How to make a simple electrical connection to ensure the new recessed lights work safely and properly.
  • Course Introduction
  • Add Recessed Lighting
  • Course Completion and Next Steps
  • Congratulations!
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Course Completion and Next Steps, Congratulations!, Add Recessed Lighting"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever