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How to Hang an Interior Door

Replacing an interior door seems like a job for a pro, until you see how easy it really can be. This course will cover the tools you need, how to choose the right door, and an installation method that's perfect for first-timers. Plus, fixes for common door problems.

Changing a door can be a great upgrade to your home. Imagine going from a lightweight, damaged or just boring-looking door to a solid, perfectly closing door. However, changing the door itself is tricky: You've got to cut mortises for the hinges, and trimming the door so it fits the existing trim can be complicated.

That's where a "pre-hung" door comes in. A pre-hung door has jambs and hinges already installed, so you can install it as a unit. In this course, we'll walk you through how to purchase the right size and type of pre-hung door, and an easy way to install it that's perfect for a first-timer. We'll also share some pro tips for what to do when the walls and floor are less than perfect.

You'll learn:
The essential tools and supplies you'll need to install a pre-hung door, plus the additional tools that will speed up your work and make it easier and faster
How to install a new pre-hung interior door and fine-tune the installation for a perfect-fitting door with step-by-step photos and videos from our pros
How to solve common door problems, even on doors that have been installed for years
How to measure for the jamb width and why this is important

And much more!
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