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Fix It Yourself and Save

You can save thousands of dollars by learning how to do simple home repairs. We explain how to make the home repairs that just about anyone can do with a minimum of tools and experience. They're guaranteed to save you money and headaches!

Make your own home repairs and save money. Learn how to finish common plumbing repairs, perform easy appliance troubleshooting, and find solutions for all kinds of pest problems from ants to mice. We’ll help you with advice from experts on heating, air conditioning, and solving problems with dampness and water leaks. You’ll also learn great tips for preventing some of the most common problems around the house.

Get rid of termites or figure out why your faucet is running slow. Join Fix It Yourself and Save and discover what you need to know to solve your home repair problems yourself.

Here's what you'll learn:

How to unclog your toilet like a professional and save money on plumber fees
Three ways to cool a room without the expense of adding or extending a central AC system
How to patch large holes in your drywall
Tips for repairing the finish on old furniture and removing white rings and dents

And much more!
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