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Paint a Front Door

Ready to add a pop of color to your house’s curb appeal with a freshly painted front door or refresh your home’s decor by painting interior doors? Enroll in Paint a Front Door and learn priming and painting tips and tricks from professional painters.

We'll walk you through how to paint an interior door or front door like an expert. You’ll learn professional techniques for preparing and priming your door, how to choose the right paint—from wood paint to metal paint and more—, how to prevent imperfections from dust and paint brushes, and tricks for improving the operation of the door. Our professionals will even help you avoid last-minute shopping trips by providing with you a materials list so you are ready before you begin priming and painting your doors.

By the time you finish this class, you'll know:

How to prep your door for a more professional paint job
Expert tips for removing hardware, even with paint buildup
Priming tips including tinting primer and combining priming and sanding, for an ultra-smooth paint job
How to keep your door free of dust and debris during the painting and drying period
And more great tricks from painting experts
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