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Build a Raised Patio Planter

Build a raised patio planter and save your back and knees while growing gorgeous plants and vegetables.

A raised planter 'beets' traditional gardening in a bunch of ways. And our trellis planter is tops for easy construction, sturdiness and convenience. Plus, the curves and trim make it a pretty addition to your deck or patio. You'll get about 8 sq. ft. of planting area. If you need more, you could make a larger planter, but consider building two instead: A larger raised planter filled with soil is tough to move.

Advantages of the Raised Patio Planter:

The optional trellis supports climbing plants like tomatoes and peas
Side tables are convenient work surfaces and handles when you need to move the planter
Boards protrude at ends or corners. Those ‘reveals’ hide mistakes. If your measurements or cuts are a little off, no one will notice
Notched joinery is super sturdy and easy enough for a beginner
Lower shelf provides about 8 sq. ft. of storage space
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