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How to Replace a Window

Replace your drafty old windows with new energy-efficient windows and save money on your next utility bill. Window installation may seem intimidating, but with some advice from the experts at Family Handyman, you can replace your own windows in a day.

Replacing a window, like most carpentry jobs, is just a matter of following simple steps from the professionals. The experts from the Family Handyman will walk you through the steps you need to know to replace a window confidently and professionally. With the instruction in this online class, you can replace a window in just one day. You can save around about $1200 by installing a new window yourself. Learn how to replace a window and enjoy the benefits of updated windows and reduced energy costs today.

By the time you finish this class, you'll know how to:

Measure your “rough opening” and buy the correct size window.
Remove your old window.
Frame a new rough opening.
Patch in the sheathing if your new window is smaller.
Properly plumb and square the new window for straight installation and smooth window operation.
Nail the flange so that the new window doesn’t shift.
Make sure the new window is properly waterproofed.

And much more!
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