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Basic Skills for Plumbing Projects

Looking for local plumbing services? Perform your own plumbing repairs yourself and save time and money!
When it comes to home repairs and improvements, you're in charge. But when the plumber seems to be speaking a foreign language, it's tough to make a smart call. Now you can gain the knowledge to not only make the best choices for home plumbing projects, but perform some of those plumbing projects and repairs yourself. The basics are simpler than you might think!

You’ll also learn which pipe type is best for your next plumbing repair project. With Basic Skills for Plumbing Projects, you will have the knowledge to use the right materials for each plumbing project.

By the time you finish this quick class you’ll know:

How to perform basic plumbing repairs and projects
Which type of pipe is best for your plumbing project
How to add or replace plumbing lines in an old house where you can't match new pipe types to existing
The advantages and disadvantages of the stop valve, gate valve, and the ball valve
The two types of pipe used for DWV (drain, waste, and vent) systems
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