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Basic Skills for Drywall Projects

Save yourself hundreds of dollars by tackling your own drywall projects. Learn how to tape drywall, patch drywall, do your own drywall mudding and more in this online class.

This class will teach you everything you need to know about drywall, whether you are a complete beginner or are looking for advice and tricks from the experts. Let our experts at Family Handyman show you how to get perfectly smooth walls, fix damaged or cracked drywall, cut drywall, tape drywall, mud drywall and more. So don’t worry if a doorknob or impromptu indoor game of soccer knocks a hole in your wall and stop putting off that building project. Take Basic Skills for Drywall Projects today and learn how to finish drywall projects yourself.

By the Time You Finish This Online Class, You'll Know:

Expert advice for patching large and small holes in drywall.

How to fix drywall cracks.

Tips for better drywall taping and mudding.

How to select and mix mud for the best texture and easiest use.

Tricks for eliminating hard-to-hide butt joins.

How to keep corners straight.
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