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Master the Circular Saw

Circular saws are one of the most useful power tools a DIYer can own. And mastering the skills to use a circular saw will open up a world of possibilities. With the tips and techniques you'll learn in this course, you'll be able to build everything from birdhouses to bookcases.

Master the circular saw and crosscut and rip boards like an expert. Learning to use a circular saw is a fundamental skill that will allow you to tackle any building or woodworking project with confidence.

Our experts will help you buy the perfect circular saw for your woodworking needs. Discover the basics like crosscutting and ripping with a circular saw and how to make crosscutting and ripping guides. More advanced skills like how to cut angles and bevels and make other special cuts will allow you to build bookcases, fences, and more. Start Master the Circular Saw today!

Here's what you'll learn:

How to make the most common types of cuts with a circular saw including crosscuts, rips, and plywood cuts
How to choose the right blade and match it to your work—from diamond blades to plywood blades
Tips and techniques for cutting plywood with a circular saw
Tricks for cutting curves with your circular saw

And much more!
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