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How to Buy and Use a Table Saw

Ready to push your woodworking skills to the next level? How to Buy and Use a Table Saw will help get you there. Learn how to make the most challenging rips and crosscuts, how to cut thin strips perfectly and safely, how to make jigs for dado and rabbet cuts and more. Even if you have years of table saw experience, you’ll learn some new tricks.

A good table saw can open up whole new frontiers of woodworking for DIYers. Tackle projects like cabinets, entertainment centers, and furniture with advice and instruction from our experts. Our experts will teach you how to choose the right table saw for your woodwork projects. Master the basics of ripping and crosscutting techniques that will help you avoid rough, irregular cuts, and other common problems.

Begin your woodworking projects today by joining How to Buy and Use a Table Saw!

Here's what you'll learn:

How to master crosscutting
Multiple methods to master ripping boards on the table saw including angled rip cuts
How to make jigs for angled cuts, super-accurate and safe crosscuts, mortises and tenons for cabinet doors, and more
Advanced operations like cutting uneven or rough cut boards, making custom throat plates, using dado blades and stop blocks, and techniques for making repetitive rip cuts and crosscuts without adjusting the fence

And much more!
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