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Perfect Wood Finishing

Ever wish you knew more about wood finishing? In Perfect Wood Finishing, we’ll show you how to get the best possible finish for all your woodworking projects, whether you’re building a basic knotty pine bookshelf, a complicated cherry cabinet or an oak trestle table. You’ll learn how to use stains, polyurethanes, penetrating oil finishes and more as we walk you through the entire finishing process, from first sanding to final buffing.

Not every wood takes stain and finish the same way. In Perfect Wood Finishing, we’ll explain what your choices in stains and finishes are and how to avoid making mistakes when you use them. Included in the class are tips on proper sanding, brushing techniques, wood fillers, cleanup, and other details that can affect finish quality.

Our experts will teach you how to apply a spray finish and how to make painted woodwork look flawless. Make your woodwork shine and Join Perfect Wood Finishing today!
Recommended Tools for this Project

3M 9 in. x 11 in. 100, 150, 220 Grit Medium, Fine and Very Fine Aluminum Oxide Sand Paper
3M 3.75 in. x 2.625 in. x 1 in 80 Grit Medium Sanding Block Sponges
HART 20-Volt Cordless Random Orbit Sander and Dust Bag
Purdy XL 3-Piece Polyester-Nylon Paint Brush Set
Intex 10 in. x 11 in. Cloth-Like Rags
Warner 7 in. Painter Pad

Here's what you'll learn:

How to work with stains, penetrating oil, shellac bonding coats, and oil- and water-based urethanes for both indoors and outdoors
Tricks for filling larger holes and tips for making your wood repair match the grain of the wood
The difference in looks between oil-based vs. water-based polyurethane, penetrating oil finishes, wipe-on polyurethane, lacquer, and other spray-on finishes
How to refinish wood when the finish has been damaged by wear or exposure to moisture and sunlight

And much more!
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