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How to Build a Backyard Shed

Which design will you choose? This premium online workshop will teach you how to pour a professional concrete slab or create an alternative foundation, build a solid roof, and much more. Videos, detailed shed design plans for 5 sheds and one-on-one attention from the expert will help you finish your perfect shed. Building your own backyard shed is one of the smartest decisions you will make. The versatility of a backyard shed is boundless. You can create a garden shed, tool shed, bike shed, potting shed, workshop, pub shed or any of the other backyard shed design you need. Here’s what you’ll learn- How to get started with a square, accurate layout and then assemble, stand, and brace the walls How to make sure the roof frame is square and why you should build the roof first Expert advice for correctly fastening the walls to the concrete foundation Tips and plans for adding optional storage areas And much more! In the How to Build a Backyard Shed premium online workshop, learn how to pour a concrete slab or build a proper wood foundation, why you should build your roof first, how to add additional storage areas, and so much more. Learn from our expert instructors as they build the "Game Day Shed", designed by the Family Handyman team, with its expandable indoor-outdoor space. Just open the overhead door so your party can spread onto the patio. Or roll your workbench outside for extra workspace that helps keep the workshop clean from dust. With this workshop you can add this backyard shed or one of the additional four shed designs to your backyard now! By the Time You Finish This Workshop, You'll Know Exactly How to Build any of the shed plans included in this premium course quicker and more professionally. Prepare the ground and pour a concrete slab, even on a slope. Design and include special features like custom brackets and homemade windows and doors to create a custom shed without spending an arm and a leg. Add a lockable, critter-proof storage locker for easy access to frequently used tools, as well as two tall, narrow storage spaces perfect for firewood, lawn furniture, or gardening equipment. Choose the correct products for the right job. This premium course includes the Ask an Expert feature. If you have any questions about the content or how to use the course information to help complete your specific project, your Family Handyman instructors are standing by to deliver personalized help and to answer your questions.
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