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Your Guide to Smart Home Technology

Add security, efficiency and reduce electrical expenses in your home with smart technology. Give your home a technology makeover with this instructor led workshop. Today’s smart homes combine innovation and automation with easy-to-use features and products. Features that used to be more of a high-cost, niche investment are now widely available and affordable. No matter your experience level or budget, there's a smart home option for you. Here's what you’ll learn: What makes a product "smart." Overall benefits of smart home technology and why you should upgrade to smart products. How to evaluate your smart home needs and find the right products that complement your lifestyle. What features to look for in smart appliances and built-in products. How to choose internet-connected products for easy control and automation. How to make your home smarter with non-connected technology. How to add to your smart home with these three DIY projects. Charging Vanity Garage Charging Cabinet Wireless Charging Investing in smart technology can be a big decision. Your family’s lifestyle and the way you use your home will influence which smart upgrades you choose. This course introduces smart home updates from changing a simple light bulb to whole-home automation. You’ll learn about evaluating and comparing features, deciding when to upgrade to a smart device, and how to choose compatible devices. We’ll also discuss device upgrades for renters and for people who aren’t ready for an internet-connected home. This online workshop is your complete guide to smart home technology for people at every skill level. Who should take this course? Anyone who wants to learn more about what smart devices can offer. Renters or homeowners interested in installing smart devices in their home or properties. People who aren’t sure what smart home technology is right for them. People who want to step up from individual devices to an automated home. All skill levels are welcome. There’s no high-level technical knowledge necessary and many smart upgrades don’t require complicated installation. This premium online workshop creates the experience of an in-person workshop but uses a flexible timeline that works around your busy schedule. That means you can log in and view each week’s content at whatever time works best for you.
  • Week 1
  • Mobile App
  • Introduction to Instructor-Led Courses
  • Meet Your Instructors
  • Week 1: Introduction to Smart Homes
  • Week 1 Discussion
  • Week 2 7d
  • Week 2: Built-in Smart Technology
  • Week 2 Discussion
  • Week 3 14d
  • Week 3: Home Automation and Devices
  • Week 3 Discussion
  • Course Completion and Next Steps
  • Congratulations!
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Week 1: Introduction to Smart Homes, Week 2: Built-in Smart Technology, Week 3: Home Automation and Devices, Course Completion and Next Steps, Congratulations!"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever