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How to Renovate a Camper

Camping is becoming increasingly popular. With a camper, RV, or camper van, you can travel in style and comfort—at your own pace, on your own journey, and with little need to plan ahead. But if the cost of a new camper is daunting, or the style of a used one is off-putting—this online workshop will show you how to renovate a camper to make it just right for you. Ready to renovate a vintage camper from old and musty to sleek and updated? In this online workshop, you’ll learn how to prep the exterior for paint, what paint to use, how to prep shelves and cabinets for painting, how to rebuild damaged cabinet doors and more. You’ll also learn how to update the kitchen and bathroom, and how to lay new vinyl flooring, which will utterly transform your camper from dated to modern. Camping is becoming increasingly popular. With a camper, RV, or camper van you can travel in style and comfort. But if the cost or style of a new camper isn't right for you, this online workshop will show you how to renovate a camper. You can apply these skills to updating a camper van, RV and more. In this online workshop you’ll learn: How to select a high-quality used camper that you can remodel to make your own. The best techniques for preparing a camper for painting, as well as the best paint to use and how to properly apply it. How to repair or replace cabinetry. A special trick for building a convenient pull-out cooler compartment that provides easy access to your cooler inside or outside. Ideas for updating the kitchen and bathroom for modern convenience. How to identify and repair mechanical issues that may affect the safe operation of a camper. Camper kitchen interior before renovation Remodeled exterior of campier with door open to kitchen interior Remodeled interior of camper with view of beds, kitchen and living area Are you ready to spend a few nights under the stars on a relaxing camping vacation? Have you eyed an old, neglected camper and dreamed of renovating it into your very own showpiece? This online workshop will help you fix up an affordable camper, and customize it to your style and needs! With today’s superior building materials and technology, you can make your camper more comfortable, convenient and durable than ever. Camper remodeled bathroom Camper remodeled kitchen Exterior of camper with hidden compartment for cooler By the time you finish this workshop you’ll know how to: Retrofit a camper, RV, or camper van interior so it’s comfortable, beautiful and efficient. Repair or rebuild interior cabinets. Update the kitchen and bathroom and lay a new, modern vinyl floor. Finish and paint the outside of your camper for an impressive and attractive update. Install a rearview camera, projector and other modern amenities. And so much more! This premium online workshop creates the experience of an in-person workshop but uses a flexible timeline that works around your busy schedule. That means you can log in and view each week’s content at whatever time works best for you.
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  • Introduction to Instructor-Led Courses
  • Meet Your Instructors
  • Week 1: Planning
  • Week 1 Discussion
  • Week 2 7d
  • Week 2: Supplies and Demolition
  • Week 2 Discussion
  • Week 3 14d
  • Week 3: Exterior Finishing
  • Week 3 Discussion
  • Week 4 21d
  • Week 4: Interior Finishing
  • Week 4 Discussion
  • Week 5 28d
  • Week 5: Cabinets and Plumbing
  • Week 5 Discussion
  • Course Completion and Next Steps
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Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Week 1: Planning, Week 2: Supplies and Demolition, Week 3: Exterior Finishing, Week 4: Interior Finishing, Week 5: Cabinets and Plumbing, Course Completion and Next Steps, Congratulations!"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever