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How to Build a Patio

Build that concrete patio you've been dreaming about! We’ll show you how to pour concrete pavers for the perfect outdoor space. With expert instruction and professional tips on pouring, screeding, and edging concrete, you can finish this beautiful patio in a weekend. From preparing the location to tying rebar, pouring concrete and professional finishes, this online workshop will give you the confidence and expert help you need to finally build that concrete patio. This patio is relatively easy to DIY because of simple construction and readily available materials, and we’ll walk you through how to skillfully screed and trowel concrete and show you ideas for giving your DIY concrete patio a professional finished look. Bonus: Building your own concrete patio is also about 1/5 the cost of the same style in stone. In this online workshop you’ll learn: How to build and level concrete forms for your patio. Professional tricks for tying rebar before pouring concrete. How to mix and pour concrete for professional looking concrete pavers or a standard concrete patio slab. How to screed, trowel and edge concrete to get a professional finish. How to install a garden edging. Perfect for someone with only a little concrete experience or a lot, this concrete patio can be created a few concrete pavers at a time. Or round up a few extra hands and, with the instruction and professional tips from Family Handyman expert Brad Holden, you can finish a patio in a weekend. What are you waiting for? Get learning, start building, and enjoy the compliments at your next backyard barbecue. By the Time You Finish This Workshop, You'll Know Exactly How to: Properly prepare your location for pouring concrete and building a patio. Build and lay forms to pour concrete pavers for an affordable and eye-catching patio. Efficiently screed, trowel and edge your concrete pavers. Pour a standard concrete slab patio. And so much more! This premium online workshop creates the experience of an in-person workshop but uses a flexible timeline that works around your busy schedule. That means you can log in and view each week’s content at whatever time works best for you.
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  • Introduction to Instructor-Led Courses
  • Week 1: Planning and Forms
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  • Week 2: Pour and Finish Concrete
  • Week 3
  • Week 3: Patio Finishing
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