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How to Build a Pergola

Build a pergola in your backyard to create a serene escape for morning relaxation, evening wind-down time, and weekend entertaining. The diagonal rafters, strong beams and horizontal slats ensure a cool outdoor location away from the sun and wind. Now you can build a pergola that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors—creating shade, privacy and the perfect space for family time and entertaining. Family Handyman expert Mike Berner will teach you how to use support beams to construct a pergola that will stand the test of time. The stunning horizontal slats are designed block the sun and harsh winds while allowing for a cool breeze. The ingenious angled rafters not only add stability and eliminate the need for bracing—but they also create a unique architectural design. In this online workshop you’ll learn: How to determine the proper support beams layout for stability and longevity. Expert tips for attaching a ledger board for strength, support and a proper attachment. How to install post bases and properly plumb posts. Tricks for building the pergola beams in place. Why you should install diagonal rafters. This project is perfect for someone who loves to relax or entertain in the comfort and safety of their own backyard. It may look large and complex, but you’ll learn how a few details can transform a traditional pergola into a work of art. What are you waiting for? Get learning, start building, and enjoy the compliments from friends and family who will be thoroughly impressed. By the time you finish this workshop you’ll know how to: Place beams and rafters for a pergola that will withstand wind and weather. Make modifications for your local building codes. Build easier and faster with expert tips and tricks. Use modern finishing techniques for a beautiful finish and added comfort. And so much more! This premium online workshop creates the experience of an in-person workshop but uses a flexible timeline that works around your busy schedule. That means you can log in and view each week’s content at whatever time works best for you.
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