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DIY Bathroom Makeover

Update a bathroom with a built-in fireplace, glass enclosed shower, soaking tub and more. A luxury bathroom remodel can be done on a budget, and we’ll show you how. A DIY bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity to add some luxury upgrades without breaking the bank. Learn how to review and choose bathroom features to match your style and routine. We’ll cover several budget-friendly but luxurious bathroom upgrade projects including a built-in fireplace, a freestanding soaking tub, marble-look waterproof composite walls, and a glass shower enclosure. You’ll also learn how to tear out an old bathroom, diagnose water pressure issues, and move plumbing and electrical for your new space. In this online workshop you’ll learn how to: Address bathroom mold issues. Diagnose water pressure problems. Move plumbing and add electrical to create your ideal bathroom layout. Install a built-in fireplace, marble-look composite panel walls, modern shower with a glass enclosure and a freestanding tub with elevated deck. Tile a bathroom floor. In this online workshop, the experts from Family Handyman will show you how to update and remodel a bathroom on a budget but without sacrificing the little luxuries. Whether you are remodeling an entire bathroom or updating areas of the bathroom, this class can help. This premium online workshop creates the experience of an in-person workshop but uses a flexible timeline that works around your busy schedule. That means you can log in and view each week’s content at whatever time works best for you.
  • Week 1
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  • Introduction to Instructor-Led Courses
  • Meet Your Instructors
  • Week 1: Getting Started
  • Week 1 Discussion
  • Week 2 7d
  • Week 2: Plumbing, Electrical, Ventillation and Heat
  • Week 2 Discussion
  • Week 3 14d
  • Week 3: Drywall, Storage, Tub and Shower
  • Week 3 Discussion
  • Week 4 21d
  • Week 4: Flooring and Finishing
  • Week 4 Discussion
  • Course Completion and Next Steps
  • Congratulations!
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Week 1: Getting Started, Week 2: Plumbing, Electrical, Ventillation and Heat, Week 3: Drywall, Storage, Tub and Shower, Week 4: Flooring and Finishing, Course Completion and Next Steps, Congratulations!"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever