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How to Bend Drywall

We usually think of drywall on straight, flat walls. But drywall works on curves too. Maybe you want curved archways on a doorway or a curved wall to add visual interest to a gathering area. We'll show you how to install drywall on curved surfaces, and it isn't that difficult.

In this course, we're featuring a custom range hood that we installed in a kitchen remodel. We loved the curves on this design and chose a drywall surface for a modern look. We'll show you how we bent the drywall for this project, but the same technique will work on other curved surfaces, too.

This free course is a short preview of our premium instructor-led course, Remodel Your Kitchen. If you're looking for one-on-one support from a Family Handyman instructor as you plan and complete your kitchen remodeling project, check out that course.
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